It’s a WHITE Christmas.. even in Arizona

Growing up outside Boston Ma, our traditional 2 story colonial home always had a beautiful green spruce with white lights. Nine times out of ten there would be white powder outside the window on Christmas morning. It has been 13 years since I lived in Massachusetts but I still miss the glistening white snow that makes it feel like the holidays.
With a sea of brown desert outside here in Arizona, I have corrected my longing for a white Christmas with a white tree! Colored Christmas trees have been a growing trend in the design world for the past couple years and although I’m getting an itch to switch it up, it will be another white Christmas at our house! Above is a photo of our family room with the white and gold tree. I decided on gold to coordinate with the current color palette in our home, but white can work with any color your heart desires. I love the idea of bright red and white so I photographed one of our new chairs next to the tree for a different inspiration below. And of course a picture of Hamilton.
May your holiday season be filled with brightness.
Cheers! Laura

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